Over 50 Successful Trade Sales and IPO's
Over 50 Successful Trade Sales and IPO's
Current Portfolio
Past Portfolio
  • PharmaSwiss, Switzerland
    PharmaSwiss, Switzerland

    Specialty pharma

    PharmaSwiss was acquired by Valeant for EUR350 million in 2009. 

  • Precimed, Switzerland/USA
    Precimed, Switzerland/USA

    Medical device surgical instruments

    Precimed was acquired by GreatBatch for $125 million in 2008.

  • Principia Biopharma, USA
    Principia Biopharma, USA


    Principia was listed on NASDAQ in 2018, then acquired by  Sanofi for $3.7 billion in 2020.

  • Probiodrug, Germany
    Probiodrug, Germany

    Drug development alzheimer

     Probiodrug was listed on Euronext in 2014.

  • PTC

    Drug development orphan diseases

    PTC was listed on NASDAQ in 2013.

  • Renovis, USA
    Renovis, USA

    Drug development neurology

    Renovis was listed on NASDAQ in 2003.

  • Shriji Polymers Ltd
    Shriji Polymers Ltd

    Pharmaceutical packaging

     Secondary stake acquired by Creador Capital in 2020.

  • SkyePharma, U.K.
    SkyePharma, U.K.

    Drug development respiratory diseases

    Merger with Vectura Group plc (LSE: VEC) in 2016.

  • Sloning BioTechnology, Germany
    Sloning BioTechnology, Germany

    DNA technology platform

    Sloning was acquired by Morphosys in 2010.

  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, USA
    Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, USA

    Drug development oncology

    Sunesis was listed on NASDAQ in 2005.

  • Symbiomix Therapeutics, USA
    Symbiomix Therapeutics, USA

    Drug development women's health

    Symbiomix was acquired by Lupin for $150 million plus contingent payments in 2017.

  • Syntonix, USA
    Syntonix, USA

    Drug development rare blood diseases

    Syntonix was acquired by Biogen Idec for up to $120 million in 2007.

  • Syrrx, USA
    Syrrx, USA

    Drug discovery

    Syrrx was acquired by Takeda for $270 million in 2005. 

  • TandemLife (CardiacAssist), USA
    TandemLife (CardiacAssist), USA

    Medical device cardiovascular

    TandemLife was acquired by LivaNova (Nasdaq:LIVN) for up to $250 million in 2018.

  • Tensys, USA
    Tensys, USA

    Patient monitoring

    Assets of Tensys were acquired by a Chinese  Company by end of 2017. 

  • Transform Pharmaceuticals, USA
    Transform Pharmaceuticals, USA

    Drug discovery

    Transform was acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $230 million in 2005.

  • True North Therapeutics, USA
    True North Therapeutics, USA

    Drug development rare blood diseases

    True North Therapeutics was acquired by Bioverativ in 2017 for up to $825 million.

  • Vitaeris Inc., Canada
    Vitaeris Inc., Canada

    Drug development immunology

    Vitaeris was acquired by CSL Behring in 2020.

  • Westmed, USA
    Westmed, USA

    Anesthesia and respiratory products

    Westmed was acquired by a subsidiary of Sunmed Group Holdings LLC for approximately $75 million in 2020.

  • Xenoport, USA
    Xenoport, USA

    Drug development neurology

    Xenoport was listed on NASDAQ in 2005. 

  • Ziemer, Switzerland
    Ziemer, Switzerland

    Medical device ophthalmology

    Sale of position to an investor in 2009. 

  • Zycos, USA
    Zycos, USA

    Drug development antivirals

    Zycos was acquired by MGI Pharma for $50 million in 2004.

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