Cookies Policy

Version 23.10.2023

This website is operated and maintained by HBM Partners AG, Bundesplatz 1, CH-6300 Zug (“we” or “our”). We use cookies on this website. This cookie policy aims at informing you (“users”, “you” or “yours”) about what information we collect as a result of our use of cookies, how we process it, why we do so and when we share it with others.

General information on how we process personal data is available here

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that we and our service providers store on the device you use to browse our website such as your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Some cookies are stored only for the period during which your internet browser remains active (session cookies) and others for a longer period of time (persistent cookies).

We outline below how you may delete, block or disable cookies through your internet browser settings but note that all or some features of our website and the services we propose may then not work correctly (or simply require that you input information previously provided when visiting our website again).

2. Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to keep information about your navigation on our website which help us improving your browsing experience and our communication with you. Some cookies are essential for the good functioning of our website and services.

Cookies allow us to collect information for different purposes. For example, we collect information on the type of device you use, its operating system and the internet browser you use so that we can adapt our content to display correctly. We collect information to remember your preferences (such as language and location) and about your communication with us. We also collect information to improve our communication with you, such as how you landed on our website, the pages you are visiting and the links you click, including in particular your IP address (that is the internet address allocated to your device from time to time).

3. What type of cookies do we use?

Technology evolves rapidly. We will update our cookie policy from time to time to reflect those changes but it may sometimes not be as relevant as we would hope. As at the date of this cookie policy, we use the following types of cookies.

Cookie typeCookie function
Performance cookies

They are used to collect information on your use of our website and services, on electronic communications, to analyse how our website and services work and report potential errors.

Such information helps us operating, maintaining and continuously improving our website and services.

Information collected includes for examplethe page you have visited before entering our website, the pagesyou are visiting on our website and the links you click.

4. Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?

Name of cookie/domainType of cookiePurpose
Google AnalyticsPerformance cookieCollects marketing analytics and statistics in view to improve our website and services.

5. What are third-party cookies and how are they used?

We do not authorise third parties to install and use cookies to collect information about you when you navigate our website.

6. What are your rights in relation to cookies?

General information on your rights in respect of personal data processing is available (Privacy).

At any time, you can delete, block or disable cookies through your browser settings but note that all or some features of our website and the services we propose may then not work correctly (or simply require that you input information previously provided when visiting our website again).

Depending on the internet browser you are using, you can delete selected cookies or all at once. Through your internet browser setting, you can block all or certain types of cookies, from certain or all websites.

To manage your internet browser settings, please go to the “Tools”/“Preference” and “Internet Option” menu/page or equivalent of your internet browser. Then look for the “Delete Internet History” “Privacy” or “Cookies” settings.

Due to the growing number of internet browsers available and the various versions supported, it is not easy to provide you with detailed information on how the above works for each of them. We invite you to visit the assistance or help available for the internet browser you are using for more information on how to manage your internet browser settings.

7. How you can obtain more information?

If you would like to receive more information, please contact

8. How we will update this cookies policy?

Changes may occur in the way we use cookies. In case these changes oblige us to update this cookies policy, the latest version will always be available here.